Enagancio Features: Beyonce in Enagancio

 Queen B. as we all call her is a fashionista in a league of her own. She’s beautiful, talented and has a great sense of style. Over the past few years, Beyonce has been known for encouraging young black designers by wearing their designs at events. Years have passed she still does it, which means African print is still going strong and the trend ain’t fading.


On Friday 13 February Beyoncé arrived at Swiss Beatz’s Dreamweavers exhibition at the UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills and made yet another striking fashion statement. In an Ankara print blazer and trousers worn with a matching hat, styled by Zerina Akers. Also present at the event were Swiss Beats, Pharrell, and his wife Helen Lasichanh.

Beyonce in Enagancio, Dreamwavers UTA 2019

In an interview with Vogue.com, Ena stated, “The creation had to be unique, something for her alone. I needed to be ‘there’ with her. Have you ever been responsible for a queen? The biggest queen on earth! I felt responsible,” she shared. “I felt anxious and at the same time determined to be successful.”

Beyonce in Enagancio, Dreamwavers UTA 2019

Comprised of four pieces, the ensemble took nearly 36 hours to construct, and Ena was intent on perfection as she understands the importance of considering each detail. Every element was chosen for a specific purpose; the size of the cone-shaped hat was deliberately exaggerated to highlight its importance, while the sides of the jacket were cinched to “fit the female form.” Wide-leg pants were “designed to give an elegant leg-lengthening effect” and enhanced by towering heels. The final touch—a patterned belt that accentuated the waist—tied it all together from head to toe.

Beyonce in Enagancio, Dreamwavers UTA 2019

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